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    The best websites begin with
    a better Content Management System

Uniting Art and Commerce

Whether you are a performing arts center, a theatre, an artist or a museum, your organization can leverage its impact, utilize fewer resources, streamline access to valuable brand-building content, and facilitate ticket sales and donations.

An Integrated Marketing Engine

It's customizable, adaptable and designed to integrate distinct areas marketing, production, development, events, calendar, press and ticketing in one secure place.

Access from Anywhere

It's accessible from any web portal, by whomever you designate. All while automatically optimizing your information and events with Google + (whose search tools now include social media) and Google Events.

Save Time and Money

ARTdynamix™ connects you with your audience in a more profound way, and saves your dollars for the main attraction: your creative endeavor.


Reach more people, inspire them, and

multiply supporters and audiences.




Wow the navigation and organization of information is so much easier! This is great!


Director of Marketing www.muse-ique.com
... a thought-partner and a resource for my theater for the last two years and I can honestly say this is as good a "vendor" relationship as you can have ...

Lone Tree Arts Center

Other content management systems may work well for other fields, but effectively communicating the benefits of the arts online requires unique software..


Joseph Yoshitomi; Director of Marketing


Always current

One of the challenges with any web presence but most particularly in the Arts is not only the change technology but the need to be and appear current.  With ARTdynamix, you actually are!  Whether you are on our enterprise version or the fully supported SaaS, your technology is current,

Some of the organizations using ARTdynamix


  • Maui Arts Center
  • Los Angeles Master Chorale
  • Symphony
  • Lincoln
  • The Broad Stage
  • Wallis

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