ARTdynamix ™. Uniting art and commerce.

Imagine breakthrough digital innovation that not only manages every detail but also engages, inspires and helps multiply both supporters and audiences. Announcing ARTdynamix ™, a proprietary software Content and Data Management System (CDMS) created exclusively for the arts.

Delivering data and content right to your audience in their digital space. A software designed for improved visibility, better engagement, and an excellent conversion rate . From performing arts centers and theatres to artists and museums, organizations like yours can leverage your impact with fewer resources, streamline access to valuable brand-building content and facilitate ticket sales and donations. When art and commerce unite with ARTdynamix ™, everything happens. One hub. One completely integrated solution. No applause needed.



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When it comes to managing the arts, ARTdynamix ™ is sheer
brilliance, enabling your site to engage and elicit action as your
content informs and inspires.

It’s customizable, adaptable and designed to integrate distinct areas – marketing, production, development, events, calendar, press and ticketing – in one secure place.

It’s accessible from any web portal, by whomever you designate. All while automatically optimizing your information and events with Google + (whose search tools now include social media) and Google Events.

ARTdynamix™ connects you with your audience in a more profound way, and saves your dollars for the main attraction: your creative endeavor. How does that advance your organization? Like you can’t imagine.

Lincoln Center - Fort Collins switching to ARTdynamix™