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Do I need a CDMS (Content and Data Management System)?


Many artists and arts organizations spend too much time and money on IT costs - that's money that could be going to the art! Other low-cost or free CMS solutions may work well for modest web communications. ARTdynamix CDMS users see great value in avoiding some of these common experiences:

  • Per-change/hourly costs associated with managing and updating your site
  • Frustrations with HTML, Dreamweaver or other programs designed to make changes to individual pages
  • Manual duplication of the same update across multiple pages.
  • Lack of integration or a clumsy "handshake" with your ticket/admission/sales database.


What makes the ARTdynamix CDMS different?

Custom-built with arts professionals, ARTdynamix provides a content, program and event management package specifically designed for the unique needs of artists and arts organizations. It is intuitive, customizable, flexible and yet stable enough to provide consistent content across hundreds of pages - all tied to one hub: the art you work so hard to put on the web!


Why should I not build my own system?

If you build your own system, you could spend between $20,000 to $100,000 on a software on a framework that will be out dated by the time you activate it and you will have to pay up more and more to add features over time. You will be stuck with a legacy system that will weigh your marketing efforts down over time.

In contrast, ARTdynamix, is built on a software as service model. Once you subscribe to it, with minimal expense, you can keep the technology behind your system updated. More importantly, ARTdynamix is built on DreamWarrior Group's proprietary Rapid Development Environment, so development work that may take weeks, can be done in days or hours in ARTdynamix.

Why should I not use a basic CMS, like Joomla?

You always have that option. But none of those systems will provide you with the extensive features of ARTdynamix. If you are not using a comprehensive data management along with content management, your marketing efforts may come apart!

Why should I not use Wordpress with a calendar module?

Though Wordpress is an option, you will pay for it when it comes time to optimize your site for shows and events. A data-managed system that is being distributed by a blog system (WordPress) will look exactly like a data-managed system being distributed by a blog - a glorified blog! And not just to your users, patrons and visitors, but to Google, and other search engines who will lower your page ranking accordingly.

Will it work with my website design?

Yes, ARTdynamix takes an agnostic approach to data and display. Want content to display on the lower right corner of the page in a small font? How about as a pop-up in large font? The staff at ARTdynamix will inform you about current best practices on the web, but where you put your page content should be just as flexible as the art you work so hard to promote. ARTdynamix can also integrate fully with a new design if you wish to change how you and your patrons interact with your art on the web.

Whether you want a responsive, or case responsive design, ARTdynamix can handle any design.

Will it handle my media?

Absolutely! You can enter your media per show, per event, per category and per page. The system will attach them to the appropriate show, or event or page for you, and makes sure that your media page, has exactly the contents you want.

How Does using ARTdynamix help me?

ARTdynamix provides several big advantages over the custom built sites:  

  1. The system is built for optimization, and the optimizer part of the code is always updated with the changes in Google's Algorithm
  2. The system can be modified o its most granular level to meet the exact needs of your organization:

  3. In its most basic level, it follows the business practices of the arts organizations.  After 12 years of fine tunning our code to follow the business practices (Business Rules) of the arts, we think we have nailed it.
  4. All the modules you get use have been tested by many marketing managers before you.  None of the modules are off the shelf, so you don't have to worry about the code or your site breaking if you add a new module.

How can I pay for this

Lets do the math: If you have an average seat price of $40.00, in order to pay for the software you will need to sell 20 additional seats a month. Our software, in average (averaged over the Google analytic data of our arts customers) improves the traffic by a minimum of 15 to 20%. It improves the pass through of the traffic to the ticketing site by a whopping average of 35%.

So if you had a pass through of 25% for 1000 customer (250 customers) and you are closing only 10% of these customers in your ticketing site, the software will pay for itself, starting month 1, and will help you grow your customer base over time.



Wow the navigation and organization of information is so much easier! This is great!


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... a thought-partner and a resource for my theater for the last two years and I can honestly say this is as good a "vendor" relationship as you can have ...

Lone Tree Arts Center

Other content management systems may work well for other fields, but effectively communicating the benefits of the arts online requires unique software..


Joseph Yoshitomi; Director of Marketing

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Always current

One of the challenges with any web presence but most particularly in the Arts is not only the change technology but the need to be and appear current.  With ARTdynamix, you actually are!  Whether you are on our enterprise version or the fully supported SaaS, your technology is current,

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